Nepal90 leads to National Team.

The information you are providing will definitely help grow Nepali Football.

Broadcast your Football Tournament for FREE!

If you are hosting any kind of Football Tournament in Nepal or outside of Nepal where Nepali national or any club players are involved, you are very welcome to broadcast your Tournament Information from Nepal90 for Free. Embedded videos or live streaming, Nepal90 supports your Tournament broadcasting from each stats point of views. Let us work together to help grow Nepali football.

Why Nepal90?

  • To provide key detail about all matches
  • To track players' game and goal history
  • Keep team's history by tournament stats
  • Know which player is performing better with overall stats

How to submit information to Nepal90?

Click here to download the form. Simply fill out the form after each game and send it to us as a photo picture or after scanning it. Contact us on Facebook page for more details.

How to contact Nepal90?

Contact us on Facebook page for next step or send an email to for more details.